Hawt Dawg

May 27th, 2009

Back when I went to summer camp, my family would send me along to camp with a can of vegetarian hot dogs. Yes, you read that right, a can.  Like Tofu Dogs in a Vienna Sausage tin? You might ask.  I guess, but bigger and minus the tofu. It is a soy product, but it’s not like a tofu dog you might have tried. Oh Loma Linda Linketts, how to describe you.  You look like a hot dog pre-packed in its own hot dog water. You were what I knew as a hot dog for my entire youth. Yet now I know something else: You are nothing like a real hot dog.

Being that Memorial Day Weekend is the Official Start of BBQ Season, we felt it was our national duty to pitch in and burn things on a grill. And since I tried hamburger, it was hot dog’s time. As I tend to do, I picked the no-nitrate, uncured kind to try first, promised by their maker that their “all-natural hot dogs are full of flavor and larger in size than the average hot dog.”

I left the cooking to the husband, and dressed one with hot sauce, grilled onions and ketchup, and the other in the “traditional L.L. linkett” fashion: mustard, ketchup, relish. Being that I have liked almost all things sausage-y, it was not a huge surprise that I liked them. Unlike the LL cool-Links, these hot dogs had a snappy, tasty “skin” and were oh so juicy. And also they had this crazy… what is it… oh, I know: Flavor.

Next up I’m heading to Grey’s Papaya for one of their famous dogs, but if anyone has any other fave Dog shacks, let me know!