The year in meat

December 31st, 2009

While this blog didn’t thrive past the middle of the year, my meat eating did.  There’s the usual life got busy excuses, which is true. In May we got a new cat, Ryan Jingles Seekrest (the cat who twitters!) but the main thing that kept me distracted from writing about meating is that we’ll be bringing a new omnivore into the world next year, in the form of a human baby. Since July when I learned I was pregnant, I was given even more reasons to eat meat as a replacement for the many things I could no longer have: Booze, sushi, stinky cheese. Also, as a vegetarian I was prone to anemia, which can get worse in pregnancy, but since I have been meating, my midwife has declared I am “the least anemic pregnant woman ever.” Take that, tofu. And despite my early-in-the-year worries that meat would make me sick, I didn’t suffer a single bout of morning sickness.

While I was raised vegetarian, I don’t plan on raising our son the same, which makes me all the more glad I have done this year of meat thang.  While he may suffer through the same lack of McDonald’s Happy Meals as I did — sorry, kid — at least he won’t be forced to demand the “least pepperoni-y slice” of pizza at a birthday party and then proceed to pick off every speck of pepperoni before eating or bring his own weird veggie hot dogs to a cookout. Though who knows in the end what weird eating problems, pickiness, or allergies the future offspring may bring: One of my childhood friends would only eat hot dogs and yoo-hoo at parties. And there are those who won’t touch parsley.

In any case, I’ve accomplished much of what I set out to do at the beginning of the year. There are some notable exceptions: I didn’t ever get crazy with items like squirrel or kangaroo, and I have yet to try venison. But I did eat and cook many many new meats, and even introduced 3 other lifelong meat-eaters to a meat none of us had ever tried before: Goose. My goose was well cooked, if I do say so myself.

In the end, my favorite meats were all pig-related. Bacon is a wonder, but I also enjoyed pork in loin and cutlet and basically whatever form it came in. Hello, Char No. 4 Pork Nuggets, be my best friend?

Beef on the other hand, I tended to only like when made into something else, like a burger or a sausage or braised in some other mixed-in meal. I had some beef that was good, but I just can’t ever see myself craving a place that serves a good beef tenderloin, even though the tenderloin I had recently was good.

So what does 2010 hold? I expect more of the same. I don’t plan on going back to complete vegetarianism and while I won’t be eating meat on a mission as much, I plan on continuing to eat it when the meat meets me at my plate.